The Snow Is Pouring And Its Time For Fun

Northern Nevada has some of the best outdoor terrain which provides endless outdoor activity. With the recent deluge of snow coming down, the winter sports craze is in full swing. The Tahoe area has experienced an excess of 30 feet of snow over the past 2 months. This has led to an incredible amount of fun to be had with the family.

There are many resorts to go to in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in this area we have Northstar, Kirkwood, Heavenly, and Mount Rose. Because of their high elevation, all these mountains retain their snowfall very well. But when the snow melts a new adventure is revealed.

Hiking in Mount Rose during the summer can be fun, intense, and very grueling to those unprepared. However, there are great sights to be seen. The top of Mount Rose shows 5 lakes that surround the area. Northern Nevada is the perfect location to have outdoor fun for the family!

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